(fri, mar 26th, 2021)

Hey you! Yes, you! HERE YOU HAVE! The album that we have had in the making for so long at last it's released, and we are very proud of it! Adjust your earphones/speakers/your drug here, set up the volume, and prepare yourself to be assaulted by us, and at the top of it, TO HAVE FUN AND ENJOY IT! Or at least we hope you do, as much as we did making it!

We have put a lot of effort, love, hearing loss and everything into this job, and we consider it one of our best works up to date. And, if the circumstances permit it, we hope to sing it to you live anytime, of course! But for the moment, you have it here, at Bandcamp, at Spotify, at Apple Music and more!


(mon, oct 21st, 2019)

Sooo yes, we did not put an update here for a long time... But seriously, that doesn't mean we are not working on the 5th album, just the opposite! We are taking longer due to our respective jobs, and we would like to go faster and better... but we assure you, this album is going to be utterly insane! We are currently in the process of recording what it's left (all the songs are already composed and in "beta" phase) and what we could say in advance is that it will have 14 tracks, more than 1 hour in length, and the name of it will be absolutely revindicative. The wait will be worthy, believe us!

(fri, mar 2nd, 2018)

Hey there! Yes, we are alive, haha! We are now in a low-profile time due to a demanding period at our jobs mainly, but it does not mean we have stopped, and even less thought about it. In fact, we are working on our 5th album already!, but we want to release something excellent, so maybe we last a little.

In the meanwhile and to shake off the dust we are going to play supporting our great friends of HASSWUT on 12th May 2018 at Paberse Matao, so you can come to see us. It will be a night of great industrial music and lots of fun!

You can't miss it, seriously!

See you there!

(thu, jul 6th, 2017)

Sooo, do you want to see A.T.Mödell's energic live together with a whole bunch of other cool bands, DJs and performances, and additionally want to have lots of things to do and/or watch in a post-apocalyptic themed two-day event with many activities like survival games, Mad Max-like battles and characterization, airsoft and the like? Come to LUNA NEGRA then! You can't miss it, seriously! Just look at the line up, it's going to be tremendously fun!

See you there!

(fri, oct 30th, 2015)

Finally! "Epic Nightmares", the 4th album from us, has seen the light (or the darkness, your choice). 13 songs of sheer dark electro-metal/industrial to pierce your mind and praise the World of Dreams and Nightmares, and just in time to enjoy them for Halloween/Samhain. Download it HERE (zip), or access file by file all the songs HERE (mp3 directory)or go to the Music section to play them in out flash player, read the lyrics and much more.

We hope you enjoy it!

(tue, oct 13th, 2015)

The dream world can be a marvelous place, or purely terrifying, or both... and that's what the 4th album from A.T.Mödell explores, "Epic Nightmares". Madness, oniric predators, visions, wild lands, sagas, memories of things that never happened... A big fusion of sensations that Liyak and Rumi have set to music on 13 powerful electro-industrial songs that go from the hardest to the most personal, with the addition of a whole enveloping symphonic atmosphere to bring potency to the mixture. Moreover, "Epic Nightmares" is going to be a meaningful free download, available from 30th October 2015. Don't miss it!

(mon, sep 14th, 2015)

Surprise! This past week we were creating a lyric video to publish a song of our upcoming 4th album "Epic nightmares", but it grew to end being a full music video with lyrics, so here it is!

The song: "Nightlings", and it speaks about recently turned creatures of the night. The lyrics are embedded in the video, of course. We hope you enjoy it!!

Watch it HERE:

(mon, jun 22nd, 2015)

Any more to say? We were dying to show you something about our upcoming 4th studio album, "Epic Nightmares", and here it is!

Go and listen to it HERE:

(wed, apr 29th, 2015)

We have been quite quiet this months, but that doesn't mean we are dead. No way! In fact, it's just the opposite: we are working on the 4th album, and it's going well... Not only well, but great... Not only great, but FUCKING AWESOME. We were very pleased with the outcome of the 3rd album at all levels, but this one is getting just enormous, extreme, hard, incredible!

We are so glad that we are surpassing the quality of the last one that we can't hardly wait to show you things of it, but you (and we) will have to be a little more patient (not very much, but we hope a pair of months seems reasonable to you).

Stay in touch!!

(mon, dec 22nd, 2014)

Several days ago we made an official announcement. Yep, it's a bit long, but we think we had to say a lot.

Read it until the end because it is interesting and... well, you will know what is our decision, and maybe you have a good surprise. It's in both english and spanish, and we put it on Facebook for a better distribution. It's a public post, so you should not have problems reading it even if you don't have an account there.

Read the whole thing HERE.

(wed, oct 1st, 2014)

At last, our third studio album is OUT! You can listen to it or get it through SpotifyAmazoniTunesGoogle PlayDeezer, Rhapsody and Wimp.

Listen to it and experience more than a year of effort and hard work condensated in 66 minutes and 66 seconds of powerful and hard music where we have put all our best to please YOU. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did elaborating it!

Moreover, we have one more review (in spanish), this time from the great music blog La Letra Capital. Don't miss it!

(thu, sep 04th, 2014)

Here's the promised surprise: as an appetizer for the album «WIRED FOR EVIL» due to be out on 1st Oct 2014, we have released a single with the songs "Wired for evil" and the new one "With a smile"! You can listen to them at Spotify, or get them at Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and other services!

But that's not all: the well-known music webzine Brutal Resonance has put its hands (or its ears) on a preview of our album and they have reviewed it with great pleasure for us. Check it out HERE!

Check the trailer of our upcoming album WIRED FOR EVIL!
(mon, aug 25th, 2014)

Here it is! After months of hard work and effort, the album is finished and it's going out on 1st October 2014! In the meanwhile, we have created a trailer where you can listen to what is coming... something big and powerful!

Watch the trailer HERE. And visit to know more in the days to come. Also visit our Facebook page at Stay tuned, because we are preparing another surprise before the release date of the album. We are WIRED FOR EVIL!

Video for the song "Wired for evil" is OUT!
(mon, may 12th, 2014)

At last what you were waiting for! We present you the very first A.T.Mödell music video, for the song "Wired for evil" that will be included in our next album of the same name!

Watch our sheer evilness and destruction here: "Wired for evil". We warn you: it's gory, violent and, of course, it has lots of fun!

Follow us close! And don't forget to check, our Facebook page at and this website, our official one, for news!

Teaser #01 for "Wired for evil"!
(tue, feb 11th, 2014)

Yes!! We are working hard on the new album, and we want you to be really expecting it, so we have published the first teaser with a little sneak preview of some of the songs that will be roaring in it. Enjoy!

Teaser #01 of the album"Wired for evil"

And don't forget to check now and then!

Promo site for "Wired for evil" online!
(thu, jan 9th, 2014)

Happy new year! Our 3rd studio album, "Wired for evil", which is due for release on 2nd quarted of 2014, is on its way towards its final form, and we repeat what we told you about it: it's going to be HARD, DARK and POWERFUL and GODDAMN FUN, and it will squeeze new potent sounds and melodies out of A.T.Mödell's sick and twisted individuals of that new and misterious Composing Department that we have now.

For the moment, a new promo web is up:, where we will be putting goodies, teasers and news about the album. Bookmark it and visit it from time to time!

Working already on our 3rd album!
(fri, nov 21th, 2013)

We're telling you this because we don't want you to think we're being lazy here, hehe. Not at all! We're working fast and well on our 3rd album and, believe us, it's going to be HARD, DARK, POTENT and GODDAMN FUN! We already have the main basis and we're going shortly to enter on studio to record the definitive voice tracks, which will allow us to present some snippets very soon. Yeah!

Just TWO WEEKS to see us live in Madrid!
(fri, sep 27th, 2013)

You can't miss it if you live in Madrid! On 12th October we will be supporting SUICIDE COMMANDO at Sala Arena (ex-Heineken) and we are preparing a good show for that day!

Moreover we have been quiet, but that doesn't mean we have been idle. We are working on our new album and we will be giving you more info along the way. Check our news from time to time, you won't want to miss our updates!

A.T.Mödell to support SUICIDE COMMANDO in Madrid!
(tue, jun 4th, 2013)

If you live in Madrid, Spain, or you can go there on 12th October, you have an appointment you can't miss! A.T.Mödell is going to support the mythical band SUICIDE COMMANDO in the only gig it will be played in Spain by the Johan van Roy's project after 5 years from the last time they came to the country!

And, moreover, we will be presenting our newest album "Apocalyptophilia" to the public! The place will be Sala Arena, and the party will start at 20:00. It will be GREAT!!

(fri, may 24th, 2013)

AT LAST!! After a long time of anticipation and preparation, today, 24th may 2013, 'APOCALYPTOPHILIA' hits the streets! We put a lot of effort and work in this album, and we got rewarded by the result! We hope you like it as much as we do!

You can listen to advanced songs and the album trailer at the MEDIA section. Let's go!!

(wen, may 22, 2013)

Composed as an antithesis of "This time alone" (also in the same album), "This time together" explores the opposite spectrum: if one is a statement about individuality against the control of the alienated mass, this one speaks about how the radical excess of it can be used by certain factions of power, all of it told from "their" point of view.

You can hear this one and many more in the album "Apocalyptophilia", to be released this very friday 24th may!!

Go to the media section to hear it and/or download the video, or watch it on [Youtube]

(sun, may 19, 2013)

After a lot of work and putting things together, we finally release the new website. Here you can check all the last news from us, check our info, download past releases, get goodies from us, and a lot more!

All of these things are now under an easy, nice interface which is, moreover, completely compatible with mobile phones as well as tablets on Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

Feel free to navigate it!

(thu, may 9, 2013)

Here you have, the brand new trailer of our upcoming album APOCALYPTOPHILIA! We included snippets of all the songs to have a good-and-wet taste of it!

Watch it on Youtube or download it HERE

(tue, 2 apr, 2013)

We advance a little bit more of our upcoming album "Apocalyptophilia": the song list!

Check for it at our "Media" section!

(thu, mar 21, 2013)

After some weeks of conversations and having all well put for the release of the next album, we announce that we have signed with Danse Macabre Records and we will release our next album "Apocalyptophilia" with them on 24th May 2013!

We guarantee intensity, power and a lot of loudness! We made an album that we sweat until the last chord to bring the best result, and we hope you like it as much as we do!

(thu, dec 20, 2012)

Here it is!! As an advance of our upcoming album, we present to you the song "Apocalyptophilia", in a lyric video that you can watch on Youtube HERE.

The song speaks about apocalypses, ends of the world, and impersonates the ever-growing number of people that are obsessed with all these matters. Enjoy it!

(mon, dec 17, 2012)

We're not publishing our next album (although it will be soon), but it doesn't mean we can't publish a song, so... this thursday 20th december 2012 at 21:00 GMT+1, three hours before the start of the End of the World in our country, we will be publishing the song "Apocalyptophilia" that gives our next album its name!!

If you can't wait for the End of the World with morbidity and joy, this is your song!! Get ready!!

(Mon, Dec 10, 2012)

We had scheduled our new album "Apocalyptophilia" to be released just this very month, but some technical problems have arisen and we must delay a little our release date.

But don't worry, we do this to be sure we will deliver a full great album, something to be proud of, and not some "almost-done" work that won't get us all the satisfation that a well-done one brings. We are studying a release of some songs in the meanwhile, to keep things warmed up. Check us from time to time, we will be updating news!

(fri, sep 21, 2012)

Hi everybody! As an appetizer for the upcoming album "Apocalyptophilia" due to be published during Q4 2012, A.T.Mödell releases on Sep 21th 2012 a fully remastered special edition of their debut album "Noise Therapy", including a bonus CD containing 10 songs and remixes created by Julio Nexus [INTERFRONT]. This edition, labelled "Noise Therapy - Special Treatment" enhances all the audio and artwork to deliver a full sound experience at it should have been from the beginning. You can download it now under a Creative Commons NC-BY-SA license at the MEDIA section in this website, in both MP3 and CD-image format, with all the artwork included.

(wed, sep 19, 2012)

The demo is finished! A.T.Mödell's next studio album, which we are going to call "Apocalyptophilia", has reached the final production stage and it's trampling towards its release, which is scheduled to be on Q4 2012.

16 brand new songs of powerful electronic rythms and atmospheres that bring A.T.Mödell's own industrial style to a new level. Stay alert!

(Sat, Jun 30, 2012)

Yep, we were not updating news in a while since we are working hard on our next album, but for you to compensate, we are preparing a special edition in double CD format which will include a complete remastered version of the original album and a CD full of remixes by Julio Nexus (Interfront/Megabeat).

Stay tuned!

(Mon, Ago 1, 2011)

Only a month left for the release of our debut album, "Noise therapy"! An LP with 15 tracks where you can listen to the sound of A.T.Mödell's universe.

It will be free for download at the media section, in digital edition, and licensed under a Creative Commons NC-BY-SA license.

(Mon, Jul 18, 2011)

Only 5 days to "Existence Festival". You will see A.T.Mödell in live with other bands like ALIENADEPT, ASSEPTIC ROOM,BLOOD, DJ 3rr0r, DOUBLE DARE, FURTHERMOST, ITCN, INVADERSFROMMARS, LARVA, THE ETERNAL FALL, V.I 'R'US and VONDAGE along with DJ's.

More info at Existence Festival

(Mon, Jun 6, 2011)

At last, with just 3 months left for our debut album 'Noise Therapy' we released our website.

News, lives dates, videos, photos and, of course, music! Our work in your hands.
Have fun!