The debut album of A.T.Mödell on the musical scene! Produced by Julio Nexus, a lot of effort, work and hope was put on it from the very beginning of the composition. This fully remastered version includes 10 exclusive remixes created by Julio Nexus [INTERFRONT] itself in a bonus CD labelled "Nexus Therapy" which put the icing on the cake.

It was released under a Creative Commons NC-BY-SA license, so you can download it for free here at our website!
Type: Double LP (71:20 + 39:47)
Tracks: 15+10
Release on: 21st Sep 2012
Via: Creative Commons NC-BY-SA license
Main disc:

01. Intro
02. That was
03. Enough
04. Allow me to be your enemy
05. Touch yourself
06. Addict to industrial
07. The bloody flesh and bone fish
08. Hunting friends
09. Venom
10. Derelict deliria
11. Can't reach the light
12. Nobody but me
13. Noise therapy
14. In my time of need
15. Outro [DRA·3]

>Bonus hidden track: Coda
Bonus disc:

01. Intro (Noise Therapy early demo intro)
02. Hunting friends (Nexus RmX)
03. In my time of need (Nexus RmX)
04. Derelict deliria (Nexus RmX)
05. Allow me to be your enemy (Nexus RmX)
06. Addict to industrial (Nexus RmX)
07. Can't reach the light (Nexus RmX)
08. That was (Nexus RmX)
09. Venom (Nexus RmX)
10. Nobody but me (Nexus RmX)
All lyrics and music written, composed and performed by A.T.Mödell except "Intro" and "Coda", composed and performed by Julio Nexus (Interfront).
Mastered, mixed and produced by Julio Nexus and A.T.Mödell.
Additional arrangements by Julio Nexus.
All remixes in "Nexus Therapy" made by Julio Nexus.
Remastered for the "Special Treatment" edition by Tony Muhr and Polmann Zuger of Schreambitz.
"A.T.Mödell" logo and artwork design by A.T.Mödell.
Vocals on "Derelict deliria" performed by Mars Zobel.
Some additional vocal recording at FF Audio Studios (itinerant).
Thanks to all friends, families, fans and even enemies, if any.
Made in Valencia, Spain, during 2010-2011.
Remastered for the "Special Treatment" edition in 2012.

All the audio, artwork and lyrics in this media are licensed under a Creative Commons NC-BY-SA license, (cc) 2012 A.T.Mödell, some rights reserved.

Hi-Res Artwork:

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