A.T.Mödell's 5th studio album,
"Music is for fun, motherfuckers!"
is here, and it is nothing short of intentions. And rants. And sounds. And synths. And drums.
And screams. And madness.
And puppies. And profanity.
And names of songs that are strange at first but the more you listen to the music, the more significance they gain (or not).

This 5th album has no concept except that "music is for fun", so don't expect a divine revelation here, there's none. Or yes, who knows. It's that and just the opposite, of course (seriously, we even made a song about that). So, simply enjoy it as much as we did creating it, motherfuckers. Music is for that!
Type: LP (66:14)
Tracks: 14
Release on: 26th Mar 2021
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01. Intro - Conceptless
02. Charge Restart (We'll Raze Like Thunder)
03. Red Stains
04. Atro-city of Angels
05. An Open Wound That Oozes Something Black
06. Screw, Party and Be Merry
07. Puppies and Rainbows
08. Destroyer of Worlds
09. Sour Black Zero
10. Fairytales of Murder
11. Inflame Your Hate
12. Kissed and Killed
13. Mary vs the Light
14. Music is for Fun, Motherfuckers!

All songs inspired, written, composed, performed, recorded, mixed, produced, mastered, eaten and digested by A.T.Mödell. Reason by Reason Studios (formerly Propellerhead) is our main weapon.

A.T.Mödell, logo, songs, lyrics and artwork are © & ℗ 2021 A.T.Mödell, and created by A.T.Mödell, all rights reserved.

Thanks to all the members of our families, friends, fans and even enemies, if any. And naysayers.

Made in Valencia, Spain, during 2020 and 2021.

Out on 26th March 2021

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