The World of Dreams can be a truly marvelous place, or purely terrifying... or both, and that's what the 4th album from A.T.Mödell, "Epic Nightmares", explores. Madness, oniric predators, visions, wild lands, sagas, memories of things that never happened... A big fusion of sensations that Líyak and Rumi have set to music on 13 powerful electro-metal/industrial songs that go from the hardest to the most personal, with the addition of a whole enveloping symphonic atmosphere to bring a great degree of potency to the mixture. Moreover, "Epic Nightmares" is available as a meaningful free download, from 30th October 2015. You can't miss it! Type: LP (63:34)
Tracks: 13
Release on: 30th Oct 2015
Via: free download / direct download
01. Intro: A spark that ignites the drama
02. I am Delirium
03. Eyeblaze
04. Mists of fate
05. Narkohlep
06. Hypno-murder
07. Intermission: Midnight insomnia
08. Blasphemy
09. Razor steel
10. Nightlings
11. Enjoy your time
12. Proud of us
13. Epic nightmares

All songs, lyrics and artwork pictures are (C) 2015 A.T.Mödell, all rights reserved.

Thanks to all the members of our family, fans, friends and even enemies, if any.

Made in Valencia, Spain, during 2014-2015.

Out on 30th October 2015