After all the mass hype about the Mayans, the Apocalypse and the End of the World as we know it, what can a band like A.T.Mödell do about it? Of course, composing an album! "Apocalyptophilia" is about being excited about the End of Times, enjoying the Last Espectacle This World Has To Offer, and be true to the spirit that is to be an apocalyptophiliac and have the mind eaten by hysteria and morbidity. But it's not only about this! The album also tells you about inspiration, superation, fun, darkness... but you can simply enjoy its powerful, hard, strong sound and lyrics without thinking too much. It's up to you!

Type: LP (72:45)
Tracks: 16
Release on: 24th May 2013
Via: Danse Macabre Records
01. Intro: The third coming
02. Bliss
03. This time alone
04. Dead in sixty-six parts
05. We're gonna eat tonight
06. Intermission: May you live in interesting times
07. Bursting into the world
08. A next reality
09. Automatische Terroriv Mödell
10. Too high
11. Intermission: End of everything
12. Reluctant hero
13. This time together
14. The Doomsday march
15. Apocalyptophilia
16. Outro: Fear and hope in the aftermath of obliteration
Assisted in the creative process by Julio Nexus (Interfront).
Lyrics correction support and suggestions by Mars M. Zobel.
Many ideas, moral support and bad mood softening by Amaia & MJ.
All songs written, composed, performed, recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by A.T.Mödell. Many thanks to whoever "invented" aspirin.
All songs are (C) 2013 A.T.Mödell, all rights reserved.
Published and distributed by Danse Macabre Records.
(C) Danse Macabre Records, all rights reserved.
All album artwork photos (except where indicated) are royalty-free media and are of their respective owners (before manipulation). Manipulation done by A.T.Mödell using Paint.NET (wonderful free tool).
Thanks to all family, fans, friends and even enemies, if any.
Disclaimer: All artwork and lyrics (where applicable) are a satire of the behaviour of some hysterical people out there. A.T.Mödell does not condone, support or enjoy disasters, disgraces, massive destructions and/or atomic tests. It's incredible we have to put this disclaimer being our intention so evident, but we prefer to avoid problems with touchy individuals.
Made in Valencia, Spain, during 2012-2013.